Is Cradle working again now? I never managed to do anything with it, always got stuck.


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On Fri, 17 May 2019 at 03:49, Mylee Joseph <> wrote:

> I'm looking for resources to teach absolute beginners how to add a library (public, academic, etc.) to Wikidata.

> thought I'd check in case there's anything else people know of?

Teaching new editors to create an item and add statements manually is
a good approach, because it helps them to understand the mechanics of

But if you need to add several libraries, then using Cradle will speed
things up:

(if you need to add hundreds then use QuickStatements, but that's a
whole different game).

> I've also tried doing it ... see
> and would be happy to have any tips on how to improve it, or pointers to
> some best practice examples.

Looks good. Other properties that could be added include "located at
street address", "e-mail address", and "named after". Images, too, if
they are on commons - or you could encourage people to take and upload

You should add references to each statement - with a couple of
exceptions, like "official URL" and perhaps "coordinates". Note  that
Cradle also does not add references, so these need to be done after
using it. The "DuplicateReferences" gadget:

will make this much easier.

Finally, the QIDs of the newly-added libraries could be added to the
equivalent objects in OpenStreetMap (or new OSM objects created if
needed). This is obviously too much for an introductory Wikidata
session, but you could at least collate a list of QIDs and let your
local OSM mappers know.

Great questions!

Andy Mabbett

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