All of the branches of the Los Angeles Public Library are in Wikidata.  The list is here:

These are a mix of very-well-described historical landmarks and bare-bones placeholders.  My original idea was to use the placeholders as starter items for new editors to expand in a datathon, using the more complete items as examples.


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You might also find this Wikidata in One Page resource useful in doing a general introduction before you get folks to dive into editing.  

Figuring out how to structure organizations and their parent / child relationship is important. As Olaf mentioned, they library system is the overall administrative home and the branch is a physical location -- some things belong with the parent, some with the child. It would be great to model this consistently. 

In the work that OCLC did to acquaint librarians with WIkidata, people on that project did an discovery and exploration exercise that I think was good and gave people a chance to explore Wikidata before diving into editing. I can't take any credit for that whatsoever but you might consider structuring an activity like that. I can share a copy of that with anyone who is interested. 



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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for resources to teach absolute beginners how to add a library (public, academic, etc.) to Wikidata. In my case it would be an instance of a public library in Australia.

I found this blog post that looks very good but thought I'd check in case there's anything else people know of?

I've also tried doing it ... see and would be happy to have any tips on how to improve it, or pointers to some best practice examples.

sincerely, Mylee
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