How long are these available for?  I might like to sign up for one, but I don’t want to take an account from someone else who might use it more.


Do we usually use them all?  I’ve been trying to do research on Atelopus barbotini and access to one of these might be useful, but I probably wouldn’t use it everyday.


Thank you,

Derric Atzrott


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Subject: [libraries] The Wikipedia Library: New Free Accounts Available


The Wikipedia Library has new, free research account signups available:



* British Newspaper Archive <> (50 accounts)

* Keesing's World News Archive <> (25 accounts)



* Credo Reference <> (200 new accounts)

* JSTOR!! <> (400 new accounts).  



* BMJ <> (25 accounts)

* Cochrane Library <> (100 accounts)



*Questia Online Library < (500 accounts)

*HighBeam Research < (500 accounts)


 Sign up!


Accounts are available to ALL global editors with a 1 year old account and 1000 edits.  Please notify your local community about the signups.  You can signup today on English Wikipedia.  But!  If you have started a local Wikipedia Library branch you can host signups on your local Wiki (Arabic, Chinese...).  To set up a Wikipedia Library branch email Ocaasi at




Jake Orlowitz (Ocaasi)

The Wikipedia Library