Dear Max

I was thinking about a similar idea, but aimed to spanish speakers librarians. A kind of "Wikipedia for dummies" or for dummies librarians....

You say a mini-course, but perhaps it's better name it as mini-use cases: how-to do a pair of frequently needed task in library context.

How-to insert a cite of a just-released local monograph?
How-to update a bio of an academic of your university?
How-to ....

Tomás Saorín

2012/10/4 Klein,Max <>

Open Access Week is upon us,

I have been brainstorming about how to do something large for Wikipedia Loves Libraries this Open Access Week. One such idea that I’ve discussed with Creative Commons is to construct a mini-course on P2PU (peer to peer University).

For an example of such a pre-existing short form course see:


The way I imagined it would be a 4 parter:

1.       Learning about talk, history, and users.

2.       Learning about wikitext, citations, infoboxes,

3.       Challenge, add citations and infoboxes,

4.       Extra challenge, upload to wikisource.


Is there anybody else that would want to help construct or promote this course for the end of October? Or have any input on using the site, format or content?



Max Klein

Wikipedia in Residence



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Tomás Saorín