Hi all,

Earlier this afternoon we apparently filled up our quota of tickets for GLAM-Wiki; if you try and register on eventbrite, you'll be told we're sold out.


I am fairly sure we are not actually full and we will be able to release more tickets, but it'll take us a couple of days to sort out - both tomorrow and Monday are public holidays here in the UK, so most of the organisers have already gone on holiday, and we won't be able to check numbers with the venue until Tuesday at the earliest. I recommend you sign up on the waitlist and we'll notify you when tickets are available again.

If you have already made arrangements to come to GLAM-Wiki (or you're a speaker...) but have not yet registered, please don't panic! Drop me an email and I'll make sure it's sorted out.

Apologies for the inconvenience,

- Andrew.

- Andrew Gray