Great idea, Bob.

1. I think the phrasing of our email message should emphasize that pretty much anything goes with respect to goals or formats for WLL participation. We should be careful not to overdetermine how "WLL" might be interpreted.

2. That said, if we suggest possible event ideas in the email message, we might include language that characterizes Wikipedia-editing as one of today's must-have literacies. A library might hold a WLL event for non-Wikipedians in order to highlight Wikipedia as a participatory platform, "the encyclopedia anyone can edit," an everyday skill.


--- On Mon, 6/4/12, Bob Kosovsky <> wrote:

From: Bob Kosovsky <>
Subject: [libraries] Outreach to library staff
To: "Wikimedia & Libraries" <>
Date: Monday, June 4, 2012, 6:27 PM


So it's time to spring into action in order to prepare for Wikipedia Loves Libraries 2012 (WLL).  To start, I propose that we create an email message to be posted to various library-related email lists notifying people of the existence of and advantages of WLL.  (When I say "library" I mean to be inclusive of the other GLAM participants, although - for now - focusing on library staff [who are not always "librarians"].)


I'm thinking of some kind of concise, direct, and appealing message that lays out about 5 bullet points as to why library staff and libraries should be involved in WLL.  From there they can go to the Get Started page above.  

Some of the points I'm thinking of are:
  • Welcoming Wikipedians into your library can increase the number of users
  • Wikipedia activity in the library can foster a greater sense of community 
  • As the 6th most frequently visited site on the Internet, Wikipedia as the ability to highlight your library
  • Wikipedia's underlying message of access to information can underscore your library's efforts to provide access to patrons
  • If your library has unique materials, Wikipedians can help reveal knowledge and information about those materials

So how about it?  Maybe someone can set up a planning space on so we can gather & organize our thoughts and share them with others?