Hi all,

The Wikipedia Library team at the Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce new technical improvements to the Library Card platform and the addition of 6 new publisher collections. If you’re an active editor who would find free access to paywalled reliable sources useful for your contributions, log in now to see what you can access: https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/

More than half of the publishers available through the library can now be accessed directly through the Library Card platform, rather than requiring an individual account to be set up and maintained for each. Additionally, the Library Bundle provides immediate access to 60% of our content with no application required!

We’re also excited to announce that 6 new publishers have joined the program, including ProQuest, Springer Nature, and the Central and Eastern European Online Library.

You can read more about these changes in the blog post we just published: https://space.wmflabs.org/2020/06/24/simplifying-your-research-needs-the-wikipedia-library-launches-new-technical-improvements-and-partnerships/

We hope you find these resources useful, and would love to hear your feedback at https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Library_Card_platform/Authentication-based_access


Sam Walton
Product Manager, The Wikipedia Library
Wikimedia Foundation