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Objet: [Wikimedia-l] "OpenRefine for Wikimedia Commons: the basics" in Spanish and French
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Hello everyone, 

A few weeks ago, we announced the course on the learning platform, WikiLearn, on how to upload and edit files on Wikimedia Commons using OpenRefineOpenRefine for Wikimedia Commons: the basics

Today, we are happy to announce two translations of the course: Spanish and French!

This course can be easily translated into other languages (more about the translation process here and here). More translations, such as Italian, Portuguese, and Basque, are being worked on

Just like the English course, the Spanish and French versions are available at any time, for free. You only need a Wikimedia account and the course can be followed at your own pace, with computer-graded exercises. A certificate is awarded at the end and an average of 6 to 8 hours is needed to complete the course.

Please, feel free to share these translations with people who speak these languages and who you think might be interested in learning more about OpenRefine or Wikimedia Commons.

Thanks, Carla Toro and Reda Kherbouche, for their amazing work translating these courses!


Giovanna Fontenelle (she/her)

Program Officer, Culture and Heritage

Wikimedia Foundation 

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