Thanks - I see. So the list is not complete with regard to codes. Am I right in assuming that, in addition to the three codes supplied in JP's msg below, the following should also be added?

East Franconian vmf
Northern Tujia tji
Reunion Creole French rcf
Saint Lucian Creole French acf
Shughni sgh
Turoyo tru
Votic vot

What is with Romanized Khowar and Romanized Pashto? I wasn't able to find codes for them.

Gerard, I tried to insert the codes into your spreadsheet but do not seem to have permission to edit.


On 23-May-14 3:16 PM, JP Béland wrote:
Laki lki
Tausug tsg
Yangben yav

2014-05-23 6:03 GMT-06:00 Oliver Stegen <>:
Thanks for the link to the spreadsheet.
What's about those languages which are marked eligible but don't have a code, as appears to be the case with Laki, Tausug or Yangben (among a number of others)? I thought only languages with a valid ISO 639-3 code could be eligible.

On 23-May-14 12:27 PM, Gerard Meijssen wrote:
The language policy has it that any eligible language may be enabled for Wikidata. Several of the languages in the Incubator are functional in Wikidata already others are not.

This list shows all the requested languages and it shows an indicator when the language can be used on Wikidata (only for eligible languages).

Please have a look and let me know when you have any comments. The idea is that we will ask in a week for languages that are eligible to be enabled.

Languages mailing list

Languages mailing list

Languages mailing list