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AFAIU it needs some non-trivial coördination between core and Wikibase.

I'm pinging Ms. Pintscher and Mr. Kinzler about this every few months 🤷🏻‍♂️. While the functionality of this needed fux is pretty clear to me, the way to implement it is not.

I'll be enormously happy when this is resolved, because language code issues bite the Language team's projects much more often than I would like to.

And yes, I'll be at Wikimania.

בתאריך יום ה׳, 5 ביולי 2018, 20:16, מאת C. Scott Ananian ‏<>:
Hello, language folk.

I would like to work on unblocking some of the wiki-rename work so that our internal language codes more closely map to BCP 47 standards, starting with sr-ec/sr-el probably.  We need a flag day and synchronized updates across a number of projects.

I've also been working on LanguageConverter recently, along with Trey Jones and others.  There appear to be a number of stalled LanguageConverter projects that could use a push as well.

Finally: I'll be at Wikimania in a few weeks.  Who else will be there?  Will enough languages-loving folks be there to make it worthwhile to arrange a meetup, to discuss the above or other technical projects?
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