Greetings, Cas! Have you created a Wikipedia account yet? It's worth doing as a place to save your Wikimedia-related correspondence, also on a global basis across projects.

I see from the meta List of Wikipedia that the Nedersaksisch  WP project has six users designated as Administrators. Four of them have been active in 2018, three of them recently (per the dates that appear for each in "bydragen"). I suggest you contact them on their User pages and paste the content you sent to the List. Good luck! 



On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 11:07 PM cas beerten <> wrote:


I am completely new to this whole Wikimedia by the way but I think that you are the right person to send this email to.

I am a great fan of the whole Wikipedia project and this afternoon I noticed that besides Dutch, my native language, there were also pages written in "Nedersaksisch." This is not really a language at all but rather a combination of many Low Saxon dialects which creates really weird texts with some parts in eg Gronings (a northern dialect) and some parts in Achterhoeks (an eastern dialect). Sometimes the dialect literally changes after each sentence. The use of "Nedersaksisch" as a language for all northern/eastern Dutch dialects is thus highly cunfusing and pretty difficult to read.

Therefore I personally think that it would be so much better if this "language" will be discarded from Wikipedia and that each dialect will be treated as a seperate language because the differences between them are legitimately really large. These dialects should be: Grönnegs, Drèents, Sallaans, Tweants and Achterhooks. Possibly some small dialects like Stellignwarfs, Urkers, Oost-Veluws and West-Veluws can be added in the future as well, though not many people speak it anymore.

Anyway, if there is any information that could be relevent to me or some future developments, please write me a pm back. And is this actually the correct place to write this?

Pieter Post

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