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Am 08.08.2014 13:18 schrieb "Robin Pepermans" <>:

Since there is an exceptionally high number of LangCom members present at Wikimania London, we could have a little meeting. Since the LangCom hasn't really been very active for quite some time (which unfortunately definitely includes myself), I think it makes sense to take advantage of this moment to do a real-life meetup and e.g. discuss our process and our committee in general.

For instance, our criteria to approve a new Wikipedia includes looking at whether most used messages are translated. Apparently it is no longer possible to look this up easily on and it says a lot that probably most of us (me included) were not aware of this. (We can still look it up at but it's not user-friendly and it's a list from 2011.)

Of all LangCom members, I know Amir, Carlos, Gerard, Jon, MF-Warburg, Santhosh and me are present at Wikimania.

What about tomorrow (Saturday) at 16:00 in the Conservatory (floor 4)?


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