Dear committee members,

I have approached the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) in India, a WMF grantee, whose Access To Knowledge program has been supporting and encouraging the Tulu Wikipedia development efforts, to help identify a scholar who could verify the content.

Here is their response (I've copy-edited slightly):

We can recommend the name of Prof Purushothama Bilimale. He holds the
Kannada Chair at JNU, Delhi. A Kannada Wikipedia article about him is here -

His brief bio – Scholar in Kannada and Tulu languages, ex Prof &
researcher at Kannada Univ, Hampi; ex Director (of a section) at
American Institute of Indian Studies, Delhi and currently 
Kannada Chair at JNU, Delhi. He was a member of the Karnataka Folk Academy.
He has guided 8 persons for PhD. Written many books in the area of folk
culture and literature. He is a recipient of Karnataka Rajyotsava Award.
Currently he is video documenting folk culture of Kodagu district.

His email is <redacted> and phone number is <redacted>. Since he is in some village in 
Kodagu district till May 30, his phone may not be reachable all the time. Same is true
with email.

I [Dr. Pavanaja U. Bellippady from CIS-A2K --AB] have spoken to him and he has kindly agreed to do the evaluations.

Since this is a public and archived list, whoever wants to contact Prof. Bilimale -- please say so and I will e-mail you privately with his contact information.


    Asaf Bartov
    Wikimedia Foundation

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