Thanks for doing that.
As a reminder, there are several pages which should be updated when something is approved, mentioned at <> Final approval no. 4. I routinely forget at least one of them as well, so I thought it would be worth mentioning.
On another note, does anyone use that page except me? Any suggestions for improvements to make it (more) useful to you (pl.)? :)

Am Di., 28. Apr. 2020 um 15:49 Uhr schrieb Amir E. Aharoni <>:

Several people have been continuously active in the Awadhi Wikipedia Incubator at , and the localization of core MediaWiki is nearly complete.

A week ago I forwarded a confirmation from a third-party expert that the text is indeed Awadhi to the private mailing list.

I am going to ask for creating the creation of the Awadhi domain at on Phabricator.

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