Given all the positive reactions, I will mark the request as eligible. We should just have clarity on the ISO code to use for now on Incubator. Amir, you said using sh doesn't require any additional work on the script converter - I think that would be a very good reason for just using sh. (Although at I can't see a conversion option atm).

Am Di., 11. Jan. 2022 um 21:58 Uhr schrieb <>:
Sorry to intercept 'late' across multiple email replies in telegraphic way ()...

Yes I would be interested to experiment with test instance in incubator of HBS Wikivoyage or Wikivodič (local name).

@Gerard: I do not get the can of worms metaphore...
As for public, it is cca 20+ milion people that can understand HBS languages.

Fragmantation into small communities over rigid neo-national language standards led to issues.
This could be small experiment in opposite direction, at no risk.

@Amir: switching script is an issue indeed and I think your idea of separate entities would be fairly easy to accept by most people from the region as Cyrilic is only close to same use as Latin script in Serbia.
As for if readers care I would agree many do not, while those that do a fewer and would care least with HBS.

Wikivoyage is likely less demanding and complex language (for sure less than Wikipedia and Wiktionary) to do this in acceptable way.

Best Z. Blace
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