The activity on Incubator was very good Aug-Dec 2013:

We'll see whether it keeps up in this new year. However, a few points:
- We should make clear that we approve Goan Konkani = gom explicitly.
- According to ethnologue, Kannada and Latin script are used. additionally lists Malayalam, Devanagari and Arabic. It should be clear how they want to deal with this on their Wikipedia. Are there script converters?
- Translation of the most-used messages is done for Latin script (<>), so no need to give an exemption from that requirement.

Am 27.11.2013 15:41 schrieb "Amir E. Aharoni" <>:
Did they add anything from the encyclopedia to the incubator? If they add a few articles as a sanity, I'll gladly approve it.

Also, they need to decide which ISO code is it exactly - there are at least two for Konkani.

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2013/11/27 Gerard Meijssen <>

I just read this [1]. They will probably want to include this in their Wikipedia and I am sure that it is better to do this in a Wikipedia than it is to add it in the Incubator..

My proposal is to allow them a Wikipedia if we can get some assurances that they will do asap the work needed for localisation..

Hope you concur.

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