When this project does as well as the other Indian Wikisources, we are wrong to prevent this from happening. We could and we should give Wikisource more projects.

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Hi Satdeep and Langcom,

I'm actually a bit reluctant at this point, but this can be fixed quite easily. Let me explain.

As a lot of people probably know, I have a lot of respect remarkably active Punjabi Wikipedia community. I do, however, see two problems with the activity of the test Wikisource, as analyzed at https://tools.wmflabs.org/meta/catanalysis/index.php?cat=1&title=ਪੰਜਾਬੀ&wiki=sourceswiki .

One is that it's a bit low in general. October 2016 is the first month with four active users, and earlier there were even less.

The other is that the user who made the most edits appears to have only used OCR without actually correcting the OCRed text. Look at these pages:

The original scanned page looks like a typical theater play with character names before a colon ("ਮੈਸਾਲਾ-:", "ਮੈਸਾਲਾ-:") and the main text in another column after the colon. OCR appears to have put all the names in the beginning of the page and all of the main text after them. Clicking the OCR button is too easy—I'd expect the editor to move the parts of the page around and format them correctly.

Community activity and sustainability is the biggest issue in new and small Wikimedia projects, and I'd love to see more meaningful contributions and understanding of the Wikisource editing model before fully approving.

As I noted above, both problems are easily fixable. I'm sure that the Punjabi community can address them in just a couple of months. I'll be happy to look at the activity again then.

Thanks for understanding! :)

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2016-10-31 4:56 GMT+02:00 Satdeep Gill <satdeepgill@gmail.com>:

I would like you guys to have a look at this meta request:

All the messages have been translated and we have been actively working in the past few months.

Satdeep Gill

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