Wikidata do not only differentiate between American and British English. I do not know about Australian English, but Canadian English is there and supported. I think this is the same rationale for Canadian French.

JP Béland
Aka Amqui

Le lun. 21 nov. 2016 7:54 AM, Oliver Stegen <> a écrit :

Thanks, Gerard, for bringing this issue to our attention.

As far as I can see, different Frenches are comparable to different Englishes. I understand that we allow a difefrence between American and British English. Do we also have separate support for Australian English, Indian English, South African English etc?

If we are to differentiate between French French and Canadian French, what about Swiss French, West African French etc?

In any case, I agree that such distinctions should be Wikidata only.

Looking forward to hearing your (pl.!) opinion(s) on this, and with best wishes,

On 21-Nov-16 12:48, Gerard Meijssen wrote:
For languages with an ISO-639-3 code it is OK to have Wikidata support them. For French and in particular Canadian French the same rationale does not exist.

What is our opinion about including Canadian French as a Wikidata only language? In my opinion it is only through the same way as it is done for British English that this is fine.

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