I'd just approve both, but Wiktionary first and Wikipedia later is OK, too.

I should mention that over the last year and a half I've been speaking to them and providing them tech support, mostly for translatewiki activity. Their relevant questions caused me to improve some things in translatewiki's configuration and documentation in a way that hopefully makes working there easier for everyone.

בתאריך יום ב׳, 9 בנוב׳ 2020, 04:49, מאת MF-Warburg ‏<mfwarburg@googlemail.com>:
The activity of Wt/mni looks quite good:
This is the 7th month of continuous activity as usually defined, and the project is semi-continuously active since mid-2018.
The most-used msgs are almost complete: https://robin.toolforge.org/?tool=codelookup&code=mni

I'll add that the test-Wikipedia also has considerable activity: https://meta.toolforge.org/catanalysis/index.php?cat=0&title=Wp/mni&wiki=incubatorwiki#distribution_2020-11

I propose to approve mni Wiktionary as the first project in that language, and hope that the Wikipedia can soon follow. Thoughts?
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