On the other hand,, the Langcom accepted Lingua Franca Nova, which has no native speakers either. Yet, the project is doing very well: almost 1,400 new articles since it was created, less than three months ago.

Of course, Modern Prussian is a semi-constructed language. But then, the same goes for Cornish. Who are we to decide whether a language is viable or not? Personally, I'd mark it eligible. If they can make the test wiki work (I mean: really really work), then I see no counter-indication for a Prussian Wikipedia either.

For the record, I've never understood why there cannot be a Wikipedia in Ancient Greek, since there are millions of people worldwide who can write in it.

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2018-07-16 19:59 GMT+02:00 Gerard Meijssen <gerard.meijssen@gmail.com>:
Prusian is imho not eligible, there are no native speakers. There is little reason to believe that it is in a category similar to Ancient Greek.

For the rest it is fine.

On 16 July 2018 at 19:12, Steven White <Koala19890@hotmail.com> wrote:

I think this first set of five Wikipedia requests from 2012 is pretty straightforward, even if I am going to leave three of them open for a week to make sure nobody has a problem with my proposed disposition of the requests. However, do please start keeping an eye on these, because the next couple of sets are going to raise some policy questions that I am really going to need LangCom as a whole to address. Thank you.


Wikipedia Mi'kmaq (mic): Aboriginal language of New England and the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. 7200 native speakers. Test has over 200 pages, albeit mostly one-liners with pictures. Eligible.

Valencian Wikipedia: This is described as the main language of the autonomous community of Valencia in Spain, and has 2.4 million speakers. It has no langcode, and a request for one was rejected in 2006, on the grounds that Valencian is simply a variety of Catalan. (SIL/Ethnologue still describes this as a dialect of Catalan.) Catalan Wikipedia apparently allows content in Valencian. Holding for one week for LangCom comments, but I propose to reject, while encouraging potential contributors to contribute to Catalan Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Prussian 2 (prg): Prussian went extinct in the 18th century, but there are serious revival efforts underway, and apparently a first, new native speaker. Test has had some modest activity in recent months. I'm thinking we should mark as eligible, while noting that if and when it actually comes to a point of approval—it has fewer than 20 pages right now—we'd hope to see that the language revival is continuing outside WMF.

Wikipedia Khinalug (kjj): Endangered language of Northeast Caucasus with about 1,000 speakers. Test has about 100 pages. Eligible.

Wikipedia Romanized Khowar: (1) There is no evidence that there is really a community needing this, particularly as a separate project. (Further, there's no evidence it couldn't be done by script converter.) (2) This is another project by RA Chitrali, whom we had trouble with on the original Khowar Wikipedia project not too long ago. Propose to reject. (On-wiki, I'm just going to use explanation 1 above. Explanation 2 is simply an additional reason to be skeptical.) 


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