Tulu Wikipedia is in incubation since 2007[1].  This was created as per the request in Meta[2].  There has been a regular activity in Tulu Wikipedia from last Two Years.  There are about 68 editor with more than 10 edits.  Average number of active editors per month during last two years is 7.  Total number of articles is now more than 1000.  All required strings have been translated. Considering all these facts, I hereby, on behalf of Tulu Wikipedian Community, make a formal request to make Tulu Wikipedia Live. 

There were discussions during the Tulu Wikipedian meetup held at Mangaluru on 15 February 2016, about the language code and script to be used.  And it has been decided that (1) the language code will be "tcy" and (2) the script to be used will be Kannada[3].

[1]  https://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wp/tcy
[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Requests_for_new_languages/Wikipedia_Tulu
[3] https://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wp/tcy/%E0%B2%B5%E0%B2%BF%E0%B2%95%E0%B2%BF%E0%B2%AA%E0%B3%80%E0%B2%A1%E0%B2%BF%E0%B2%AF:%E0%B2%9A%E0%B2%BE%E0%B2%B5%E0%B2%A1%E0%B2%BF

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I forward this message once-gain.    
Tulu is an independent language. Kannada is native script for Tulu language. All contemporary works and literature are done in the Kannada script. Robert Caldwell in his book A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South Indian Family of Languages Tulu Language has belonging to the Dravidian language family. Tulu-speaking region spread over parts of present Karnataka State of India. The erstwhile district of South Canara(Daksina Kannada), Udupi(Karnataka State of India) and Kasaragod(Kerala State, India) is the core of the Tulu speaking region. Tulunad is the homeland of the Tuluva ethnic people. The modern day Tulu literature is developing by the contributions of great authors books and a host of writers of repute. Tulu Chair is functioning as a Core Study & information Centre for the local & foreign Scholars. Tulu is also a research study Centre for Research scholars & Folklore students of Karnataka and other states. It established on 1992 under Mangalore University Karnataka State. Karnataka Tulu Sahithya Academy was establishe in 1994 at Mangalore(Dakshina Kannada District). Having Wikipedia in Tulu will definitely help in the development of the language, Tulu culture and literature. 

So, I strongly support the creation of Tulu Wikipedia.

Dr. Vishwanatha Badikana
Associate Professor, Department of Kannada
St. Aloysius College(Autonomous), Light House Hill, Mangalore - 575 003
9449615474, 9141676453