Look, any way you cut it, Alemannic is just different. SIL lists it as "Individual", not as a "Macrolanguage". But the code ("gsw", of course, not "als") is listed for Alemannic (equivalent to its ISO 639-2 definition), but also "Alsatian" and "Swiss German". Enwiki article describes it as a "dialect continuum". And Swabian is considered to be a language/dialect within Alemannic, which is sort of also acting a bit like a macrolanguage. Sheesh. 

In any event, it's actually been six years since anyone commented on the Swabian RFL. (There have been some housekeeping edits since, but no substantive ones.) So this RFL does not represent an attempt by anyone currently contributing in Swabian at alswiki to break off Swabian to do its own thing. If anyone ever creates an RFL along those lines, we can address it at that point. But at present there's no reason not to go ahead and close the current RFL.


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