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Is this really ready? I don't read Hindi but the main category has 84 subcategories and 25 are empty (many only have subcategories which are themselves empty, such asइंटेलिजेंस) There are 578 pieces of content, many of which are just one or two lines, such asकंप्यूटर_प्रोग्रामिंग/IDE/विजुअल_बेसिक orकंप्यूटर_ग्राफिक्स/2013-2014/पेज_फ़ुट which is mostly someone's personal email address. Remove categories and erroneously-categorized userpages and that becomes 490. This includes almost 100 pages which are part of some Linux code such asलिनक्स/linux-0.01.tar/boot/boot.s. Remove *those* and it's 401 which includes purely cosmetic templates and pages like The actual amount of content seems like something that one person could make over a long weekend. How is this supposed to be a live project? This seems like a misstep.

Creating a new project is a big responsibility and with 500 pages in five and a half years? And most of them are either copy-pasted Linux code or one line long? That is not a thriving community. This is a recipe for disaster.


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