Here is Some Statistics.

Japanese Wikiversity Having Only 150 Main Content.

Korean Wikiversity Having Only 114 Main Content.

This is not Fair with World's 4th Most Spoken Language Hindi . If langcoom wants any our National Data or Something. I ready to give them. But have a look on HIndi Wikiversity.

On Fri, May 5, 2017 at 2:07 PM, Jay prakash <> wrote:
No One member in Lang Com interested In  Beta Redirection Problem. So I Requested  here LangCom to take action or Acts upon This Topic. We made content. But without Redirection the Content are Useless. Now HIndi WIkiversity is on 3rd rank in Beta Wikiversity. At the end of day I will make it on 2nd Rank. When I was worked on Hindi Wikiversity. Only 3-5 Articles were exist. Now It have 400 around pages.

Thank You, I Will Believe that Lang Com Take Any Action.