Well, the part in [brackets] was "the lack of effort to even localize the comments in the code samples" and I did mention that it was being addressed slowly. My apologies for failing to provide a direct link to an example.

I also now see that the email address is in fact yours. I am not sure that there is any precedent elsewhere for such byline templates on other Wikimedia projects.

On Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 2:19 PM, Jay prakash <0freerunning@gmail.com> wrote:
You are showing it that you will not see all those links which I have
cleaned like it [https://beta.wikiversity.org/wiki/कंप्यूटर

On 6/25/17, Mahir Morshed <mmorshe2@illinois.edu> wrote:
> To piggyback on what Justin is saying (and also via Phabricator:
> https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T168765#3376191):
> I am not a Hindi speaker, but I can at least discern Devanagari text and
> the English loanwords in it. Justin's first link is to
> "Category:Intelligence" with subcategory "Artificial intelligence". His
> second link (Computer Programming/IDE/Visual Basic .NET/...) bears only a
> link to a Japanese online IDE. His third link (Computer
> Graphics/2013-2014/"Page Foot", a page footer which is transcluded
> elsewhere) has an email address prefixed with a link to @Jayprakash12345
> <https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/p/Jayprakash12345/>'s userpage--maybe it
> is his own email address?
> The problems of most pages only consisting of source code is indeed
> inherited from the English Wikiversity courses to which the pages are
> linked. Nevertheless, from seeing at least [the lack of effort to even
> localize the comments in the code samples], and perhaps from seeing the
> lack of something more substantial in the way of content revolving around
> those code samples, and perhaps more so from Jayprakash12345 being the only
> consistent contributor going back at least a month, I must thus agree with
> his assessment that opening hiwikiversity would be a disaster. My personal
> opinion is that other Hindi projects (such as hiwikisource and hiwikiquote)
> could be populated more easily and meaningfully at this point, but I would
> digress to elaborate on that and the whole process of site requests more
> generally here.
> (Edits since the original comment was made: It appears judging from
> https://beta.wikiversity.org/wiki/Special:RecentChangesLinked/Category:HI
> that 1) the subcategory "Artificial intelligence" has been deleted and 2)
> the part in [brackets] above is being addressed slowly.)
> On Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 1:23 PM, Justin Anthony Knapp
> <justinkoavf@gmail.com
>> wrote:
>> Via Phabricator (https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T168765#3376166):
>> Is this really ready? I don't read Hindi but the main category has 84
>> subcategories and 25 are empty (many only have subcategories which are
>> themselves empty, such as https://beta.wikiversity.org/
>> wiki/Category:इंटेलिजेंस) There are 578 pieces of content, many of which
>> are just one or two lines, such as https://beta.wikiversity.org/
>> wiki/कंप्यूटर_प्रोग्रामिंग/IDE/विजुअल_बेसिक_.नेट/Online/Free or
>> https://beta.wikiversity.org/wiki/कंप्यूटर_ग्राफिक्स/2013-2014/पेज_फ़ुट
>> which is mostly someone's personal email address. Remove categories and
>> erroneously-categorized userpages and that becomes 490. This includes
>> almost 100 pages which are part of some Linux code such as
>> https://beta.wikiversity.org/wiki/लिनक्स/linux-0.01.tar/boot/boot.s.
>> Remove *those* and it's 401 which includes purely cosmetic templates and
>> pages like
>> https://beta.wikiversity.org/wiki/Portal:Engineering/box-footer.
>> The actual amount of content seems like something that one person could
>> make over a long weekend. How is this supposed to be a live project? This
>> seems like a misstep.
>> Creating a new project is a big responsibility and with 500 pages in five
>> and a half years? And most of them are either copy-pasted Linux code or
>> one
>> line long? That is not a thriving community. This is a recipe for
>> disaster.
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