To add to Keegan's reply: be-tarask is already renamed, which sets a good and long-awaited precedent.

It is not entirely complete, though, as there is at least one technical issue remaining: . AFAIU, it is supposed to be resolved by Wikidata developers. It's rather important and I prefer not to rename any further wikis until there's a known way to resolve it.

But once that is done, yes, absolutely, let's rename them all.

As indicates, there are a few more that shouldn't be controversial:
bh -> bho
eml -> egl
als -> gsw
nrm -> nrf

And also a few others, though they will require consensus building:
simple -> (not sure what; see another thread)
no -> nb
ku -> kmr

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2015-10-27 17:06 GMT+02:00 Milos Rancic <>:
A couple of months ago I was asked to push code change for Samogotian. (At the time I hadn't have regulated my membership on this mailing list, then I forgot it.)

But Samogotian is not the only code to be fixed. Basically, we should make the decision and suggest to the Board/staff/Phabricator to proceed with that. I see that  None of the cases I am suggesting is in any way problematic, as well as those names are already implemented into the interwiki codes.

bat-smg => sgs
be-x-old => be-tarask
fiu-vro => vro
roa-rup => rup
zh-classical => lzh
zh-min-nan => nan
zh-yue => yue

I don't know if you already did or not this, but I think it's time to push it.

In relation to the old codes, I think they should stay as "permanent redirects" as long as there is a traffic to them. They won't be used in any other case, so we don't need to hurry in relation to their removal.

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