This needs clarification:
"The procedure for a new language is one whereby the language committee will consider the eligibility for that language for Wikidata and at the same time the eligibility for other projects will be considered. When content is added by users that do not comply with the conditions set, the labels added by such users will be removed."

Since we decided all ISO 639-3 languages are admissible for Wikidata, we will not regard such issues individually, so we cannot consider the eligibility for Wp and the other projects at the same time that we decide about "wikidata eligibility" (since that happened for all langs together).

2013/11/4 Oliver Stegen <>

Thanks, Gerard, for your comprehensive draft.

I didnít notice anything which I would like to add, subtract or change. (And I really liked your crafty no-consonant alliteration in the URL achieved by the deletion of one single L ;-)

Thanks again,


From: Gerard Meijssen []
Sent: 04 November 2013 14:44
To: Wikimedia Foundation Language Committee
Cc: Lydia Pintscher; Siebrand Mazeland; Erik Moeller; Alolita Sharma
Subject: [Langcom] Language eligibility and Wikidata


In the language committee we have agreed that any iso-639-3 language may be eligible for adding labels in Wikidata. This will open up Wikidata as a source in its own right and it will allow for searching images and Wikipedia articles in other languages.

There are technical considerations that need to be sorted. Particularly the method whereby languages are enabled within the Wikimedia Foundation. I have created a concept [1] for a blogpost announcing this decision.It has already been read by Amir so it can be safely read on Meta.

One of the reasons for this is an old request by Erik to look into making it easier for languages to find their way into WMF. It is likely that one minority language will get its data into Wikidata when this policy is enacted.


† † † Gerard

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