Dear Langcom Members,

                    As of Hindi points of view the content which already have are very usefull. There are no site on internet which provide this type of information. We already made well written content like Principals of Management and Aerospace Engineering etc. Where the content is much better than English Wikiversity. Because where we describe whats do student after 10+2. You can verify it with third party source. The partialy failure of Eng Wikiversity is that because the many sites host learning content in english. But Hindi Wikiversity will be the only place where native get free knowledge in thier language. I am not say you believe me. You can confirm it with third party. 

With the respect of time. Hindi Wikiversity will be milestone. Thanks

On 19-Jul-2017 10:20 am, "Gerard Meijssen" <> wrote:
People want us to consider the deletion of projects... not happy about it. The consequence for me is that we also look at Wikiversity as a project. Is it viable, is it used. What experiences exist with English Wikipedia ?

On 19 July 2017 at 03:35, MF-Warburg <> wrote:
StevenJ81 informed me that most of the pages are only in <>, for whatever reason (>400). So I looked at them as well.

With this "full picture", it looks much better. Not stellar, but well... the project is active and continues to be edited (and, I guess, improved).
Now my opinion is that we should carry on with the approval.

2017-07-19 1:21 GMT+02:00 MF-Warburg <>:
I have now looked through the Hindi pages on Beta.wikiversity myself. At first I just wanted to look at a random sample of pages, but then I noticed that there are only "69 pages (including categories, templates, talk pages, and redirects)" (cf. catanalysis). I don't know if this number was higher previously.
However, that is IMHO way too little for a wiki to be approved. I also don't see any pages that look like courses, which after all, is what Wikiversity is for.

Therefore I agree with the starting point of this thread, that Hindi Wikiversity should not be created, and the approval taken back.

2017-07-19 1:09 GMT+02:00 MF-Warburg <>:
Yes, agreed. Though the question here is different, it is about whether the test-project as it currently is is in a state that is appropriate for approval.

2017-07-18 12:51 GMT+02:00 Jon Harald Søby <>:
(Late reply, sorry.)

While I may have doubts about the merits of Wikiversity myself, I don't think it's within the scope of the Language Committee to deny the creation of projects based on those merits. We should only focus on whether the community for the relevant language edition of a project is healthy enough for it to become a separate project, without consideration for the individual committee members' feelings about the project as a whole.

2017-07-04 18:12 GMT+02:00 Gerard Meijssen <>:
Yes, that is the politically correct answer. The question asked by several is what is Wikiversity good for. Is it actually used?

On 4 July 2017 at 18:06, Satdeep Gill <> wrote:
I do think that the community will improve content as the time progresses. The community has been working hard on translation as well.

But I do see some pages which are not written well and contain machine translations. Such as

Satdeep Gill

Strategy Coordinator, Wikimedia Foundation

On 25 June 2017 at 01:08, Jay prakash <> wrote:
See Here.

On 6/25/17, Mahir Morshed <> wrote:
> Well, the part in [brackets] was "the lack of effort to even localize the
> comments in the code samples" and I did mention that it was being addressed
> slowly. My apologies for failing to provide a direct link to an example.
> I also now see that the email address is in fact yours. I am not sure that
> there is any precedent elsewhere for such byline templates on other
> Wikimedia projects.
> On Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 2:19 PM, Jay prakash <>
> wrote:
>> You are showing it that you will not see all those links which I have
>> cleaned like it [कंप्यूटर
>> ग्राफिक्स/2013-14/जीओजीएल-टेम्पलेट].
>> On 6/25/17, Mahir Morshed <> wrote:
>> > To piggyback on what Justin is saying (and also via Phabricator:
>> >
>> >
>> > I am not a Hindi speaker, but I can at least discern Devanagari text
>> > and
>> > the English loanwords in it. Justin's first link is to
>> > "Category:Intelligence" with subcategory "Artificial intelligence". His
>> > second link (Computer Programming/IDE/Visual Basic .NET/...) bears only
>> > a
>> > link to a Japanese online IDE. His third link (Computer
>> > Graphics/2013-2014/"Page Foot", a page footer which is transcluded
>> > elsewhere) has an email address prefixed with a link to
>> > @Jayprakash12345
>> > <>'s
>> userpage--maybe it
>> > is his own email address?
>> >
>> > The problems of most pages only consisting of source code is indeed
>> > inherited from the English Wikiversity courses to which the pages are
>> > linked. Nevertheless, from seeing at least [the lack of effort to even
>> > localize the comments in the code samples], and perhaps from seeing the
>> > lack of something more substantial in the way of content revolving
>> > around
>> > those code samples, and perhaps more so from Jayprakash12345 being the
>> only
>> > consistent contributor going back at least a month, I must thus agree
>> with
>> > his assessment that opening hiwikiversity would be a disaster. My
>> personal
>> > opinion is that other Hindi projects (such as hiwikisource and
>> hiwikiquote)
>> > could be populated more easily and meaningfully at this point, but I
>> would
>> > digress to elaborate on that and the whole process of site requests
>> > more
>> > generally here.
>> >
>> > (Edits since the original comment was made: It appears judging from
>> >
>> HI
>> > that 1) the subcategory "Artificial intelligence" has been deleted and
>> > 2)
>> > the part in [brackets] above is being addressed slowly.)
>> >
>> > On Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 1:23 PM, Justin Anthony Knapp
>> > <
>> >> wrote:
>> >
>> >> Via Phabricator (
>> >>
>> >> Is this really ready? I don't read Hindi but the main category has 84
>> >> subcategories and 25 are empty (many only have subcategories which are
>> >> themselves empty, such as
>> >> wiki/Category:इंटेलिजेंस) There are 578 pieces of content, many of
>> >> which
>> >> are just one or two lines, such as
>> >> wiki/कंप्यूटर_प्रोग्रामिंग/IDE/विजुअल_बेसिक or
>> >>कंप्यूटर_ग्राफिक्स/2013-2014/पेज_फ़ुट
>> >> which is mostly someone's personal email address. Remove categories
>> >> and
>> >> erroneously-categorized userpages and that becomes 490. This includes
>> >> almost 100 pages which are part of some Linux code such as
>> >>लिनक्स/linux-0.01.tar/boot/boot.s.
>> >> Remove *those* and it's 401 which includes purely cosmetic templates
>> >> and
>> >> pages like
>> >>
>> >> The actual amount of content seems like something that one person
>> >> could
>> >> make over a long weekend. How is this supposed to be a live project?
>> This
>> >> seems like a misstep.
>> >>
>> >> Creating a new project is a big responsibility and with 500 pages in
>> five
>> >> and a half years? And most of them are either copy-pasted Linux code
>> >> or
>> >> one
>> >> line long? That is not a thriving community. This is a recipe for
>> >> disaster.
>> >>
>> >> --JAK
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