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***Looks like I should have sent this to LangCom-L straight away rather than to LangCom only, right? Which is the old, and which is the new?***

Re new members: How am I supposed to gauge whether a newly proposed LangCom member is proactive enough to pass muster?

In more general terms: Do we need a discussion on this list about our functionality?
I've just seen that there was a discussion about LangCom on Meta about a month ago (
Fine, so I'm considered active - but I'm only really active on this mailing list (and on sw:wp and by extension on wikidata but that's a different matter). If someone contacts me on a talk page, chances are that I won't respond. And I also don't feel comfortable engaging in discussions outside of this mailing list.

SO: Is it sufficient for me to react to posts on this mailing list which concern my agreement or disagreement with regard to a new language project? Or do you, my fellow LangCom members, prefer for me to resign if I don't feel able to be more proactive than that?


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Subject: 	Request for Membership
Date: 	Thu, 16 Apr 2015 06:19:01 +0000 (UTC)
From: 	Rehmat Aziz Chitrali <>
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Dear sirs,

I am Test Wiki Administrator at Wiki Incubator projects Pakistan. I want
to become member of Language Committee from Pakistan.

Rehmat Aziz Chitrali,Gold Medalist
Linguist & Culture Researcher

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