A belated +1 from me as well

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Yay, wonderful. Thank you. Let's approve.

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2016-06-23 10:30 GMT+02:00 MF-Warburg <mfwarburg@googlemail.com>:
This is the opinion of Prof. Bilimale:

"Dear Mr. Warburg, I have read more than 150 entries written in Tulu language using Kannada script. Some of the entries are too short,  but there are no factual errors. All entries are written in Tulu and I strongly recommend these entries should available for public at the earliest.  Tulu is one of the most ancient language of India having very rich oral traditions and other unique features. I believe Tulu scholars spread all over the world will enrich this wiki, and make this one of the most useful and vibrant site[.]"

I think we can therefore approve this wiki.

2016-05-23 1:11 GMT+02:00 Asaf Bartov <abartov@wikimedia.org>:
(e-mailed MF-Warburg.)


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I can do it.

Am 22.05.2016 11:11 schrieb "Asaf Bartov" <abartov@wikimedia.org>:
Dear committee members,

I have approached the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) in India, a WMF grantee, whose Access To Knowledge program has been supporting and encouraging the Tulu Wikipedia development efforts, to help identify a scholar who could verify the content.

Here is their response (I've copy-edited slightly):

We can recommend the name of Prof Purushothama Bilimale. He holds the
Kannada Chair at JNU, Delhi. A Kannada Wikipedia article about him is here -

His brief bio – Scholar in Kannada and Tulu languages, ex Prof &
researcher at Kannada Univ, Hampi; ex Director (of a section) at
American Institute of Indian Studies, Delhi and currently 
Kannada Chair at JNU, Delhi. He was a member of the Karnataka Folk Academy.
He has guided 8 persons for PhD. Written many books in the area of folk
culture and literature. He is a recipient of Karnataka Rajyotsava Award.
Currently he is video documenting folk culture of Kodagu district.

His email is <redacted> and phone number is <redacted>. Since he is in some village in 
Kodagu district till May 30, his phone may not be reachable all the time. Same is true
with email.

I [Dr. Pavanaja U. Bellippady from CIS-A2K --AB] have spoken to him and he has kindly agreed to do the evaluations.

Since this is a public and archived list, whoever wants to contact Prof. Bilimale -- please say so and I will e-mail you privately with his contact information.


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