Sorry about the broken link, and thanks for the correction. Of course, Western Armenian doesn't show up in the drop-down menu because it hasn't been recognised as a separate language long enough, so presumably is subsumed. Of the 18 listed scholars, several have publications in scholar.google.com which seem to include non-Eastern Armenian dialects, e.g. https://scholar.google.de/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=Chirikba+Armenian&btnG=, and the corresponding email address for that scholar is chirikba@wanadoo.nl

If someone did the analysis for the others as I showed for Chirikba above, it should be possible to find a scholar that way, who is willing to do the evaluation ...


On 01-Aug-18 22:08, Nicolas VIGNERON wrote:

Maybe a stupid idea but can't you write to Susanna so she can give you name of scholars in Western Armenian?
She is not herself a third-party (and not a scholar in Armenian AFAIK) but she can probably provide the name a third-party.

Cheers, ~nicolas

PS: Oliver you link doesn't work, I've got an error 404 and I don't see "Western Armenian" in https://linguistlist.org/people/personal/browse-sc.cfm?SearchType=SL just "Armenian", "Amernian, Classical", "Armenian, Middle"

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