Wiktionary Khasi: Legitimate request with respect to a language of portions of India and Bangladesh. However, no content was ever created, so closing as stale.
Wiktionary Bodo: This is a language of about 1.5 million people of NE India. Wikipedia request was marked eligible in 2017. I am marking this as eligible as well. However, the requests, and most of the content on both projects on Incubator, were created by a single, young contributor with a penchant for using multiple accounts. Accordingly, the WP eligibility note has a caveat that any future project approval must include a checkuser to make sure that there is a legitimate community working on the test. I am going to link this request page to that caveat. (Note: neither project has been active recently, so I don't think that's going to be a problem in the immediate future.) 
Wiktionary Riffian: One of the Tamazight/Berber "collective" group of languages, its Wikipedia test has a substantial amount of content. No content was ever created here, though. The Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group is looking into whether anyone is interested in starting this, so I will place on hold for now.
Wiktionary Slavey: This is a language of aboriginal peoples of northwest Canada, and the test has a fair amount of content. The complication to this is that the project is coded at the macrolanguage level. Now, the only activity in Incubator is this macrolanguage Wiktionary project, and as far as it goes, the Wikipedia articles "North Slavey language" and "South Slavey language" both redirect to the article "Slavey language". (The WP article also suggests that the linguistic/dialect differences are pronunciation differences, so not necessarily even germane to a written project.) I am going to assume that this is a case where it is appropriate to have the project in the macrolanguage, and will therefore mark it eligible, with a reminder that it needs to serve both language communities. But I will wait a week for comments from the Committee before doing so.  (I do have a query out to Wikimedia Canada; if they specifically favor the macrolanguage project or favor not having a macrolanguage project, I will report back here.)


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