I support both these proposals and would remind everyone that English Wikisource also hosts Old English texts, so there is no need for a separate ang-wikisource.


On 07.10.2014 02:41, MF-Warburg wrote:
Hi all,
we have several closure proposals which should be decided... Here are the first two:


Reasons are outlined on the page; the majority of users agrees.
To summarize:
- Wikibooks is for textbooks and manuals, but nobody is writing them in this extinct language nor is there much reason why someone would want to /read/ them.
Wikisource is the project that should exist for this language.
In fact, some pages on the wiki do belong to Wikisource, and should be moved there. This is also consistent with Langcom's previous decisions that ancient languages should above all have Wikisource, but the other projects are not all suitable for them.
=> I propose: Close, move content to Incubator, or, where appropriate, to Wikisoure.



The wiki is a case of "absence of content since its creation". Of the few page, some should even be moved to Wiktionary (as some people noted in the discussion).
=> I propose: Close, move content to Incubator, or, where appropriate, to Wiktionary.

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