Although the discussion was not conducted on the RFL page, discussions related to Wp/sdc are in progress in Wp/src belonging to the same macro. Several major contributors to both projects are the same.

Before we approve this, we may consider what is being discussed here. I got a message about this right after I sent the mail. I have not yet reviewed all of the claims made.


2022년 3월 26일 (토) 오후 3:42, Sotiale Wiki <>님이 작성:
Dear Language committee members,

Hello. Happy Saturday in March.

I would like to ask for comments on the approval of Wp/sdc. It has been active since August 2021, and it has been 4 months(including March 2022) that 3 or more editors have been active[1]; 11/21 ~ 03/22: 2, 3, 5, 4, 4. There are about 1744 pages including templates.

Most used core messages have already been translated[2]. The request has already been submitted[3].

I would like to ask for your opinion on the approval of this, thank you for your consideration.


Kind regards,

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