Am Fr., 9. Okt. 2020 um 02:20 Uhr schrieb Amir Sarabadani <>:
Beside the general note that I'm requesting for closure not because I don't understand the wiki (I don't understand Chinese Wikipedia, I'm not requesting for its closure though, even several Iranian languages like ckb that I don't understand, I'm actually helping them to get on their feet, like see my bot's edits on ckbwiki) but I'm requesting on the grounds that no Lur person I have talked to (from diverse backgrounds, ages, rural/urban backgrounds, different regions, etc.) couldn't understand the wiki. Actually fun fact, my then-roommate in university dorm is Lur and from Khorramabad and he was one of the first ones who said he couldn't understand it. Laki and Luri Khorramabadi are completely different things.

Re your general note - that should be clear to everyone and I hope that the proponents of lrc.wikipedia don't come up with more such nonsense which only makes them look bad.
Regarding renaming the wiki: (My sysadmin hat on) It's basically impossible. We only renamed be-x-old to be-tarask and it still causing issues (last month all interwiki links to be-tarask broke), I have some plans to improve it, especially handling of discrepancies between the dbname and dns name but it's going to take a while. Also a rename is only redirecting the traffic from dns, the database name stays the same (and it's definitely unchangeable for lots of reasons, let me know if you want to know more). So if we rename to, it still will be named lrcwiki in the database and prevents us from having an actual lrcwiki if the time comes.
(My sysadmin hat off). I don't understand the content but I have a feeling it's not very much salvageable even for the lkiwiki (Imagine pretending to be German Wikipedia but actually being written in Dutch, it shows itself in the content too).

Thank you for reading my long emails :D

The easiest solution for a "rename" would probably be to create a new wiki and do an import. But we are probably far away from this being necessary here.