2017-05-30 7:23 GMT+02:00 Oliver Stegen <oliver_stegen@sil.org>:

More discussion by two nl:wn contributors at [1], including the request for LangCom to stick to our own rule of responding to requests within 7 days (I don't think they read that correctly; it's about internal voting that have the 7-day deadline, isn't it? Or have I misunderstood?).

Yes, I think they misunderstood our internal voting procedure.

Currently the response is 1:1 concerning letting them go live (although, I may be less certain in my vote than Gerard in his, so am willing to be swayed to stay neutral). Still, even if granting their request, shouldn't we at least point out that they stick to rules like original reporting and similar guidelines?

If the content is mostly inacceptable ("copied from other news outlets (in violation of WN:OR)"), I am against the approval until that is changed.