For now I solved it like this:

Am Mo., 30. Nov. 2020 um 21:18 Uhr schrieb MF-Warburg <>:
I would like to get rid of this request as well as most of those listed at - by get rid I mean: deletion. Maybe preserve the discussions somewhere else.
We can also just mark them as rejected, but I would prefer if such frivolous proposals wouldn't be there if some genuine interest pops up and the first thing the interested people see is "REJECTED".

Am Di., 24. Nov. 2020 um 16:15 Uhr schrieb Kimberli Mäkäräinen <>:
As this language has not a single documented word that can be used to translate the UI and no native speakers left to create these words (this is not the job of outsiders), it will never be a viable project.

Even a simple task like creating articles on the countries of the world is impossible, because the names of all of these countries simply don't exist in Kamassian. The 1600+ documented, actual Kamassian words could be taken to Wiktionary and documents when allowed to Wikisource. By taking words, syntax, etc. from Russian or other languages and claiming it as Kamassian, this will have a negative impact on any computational linguistics applications that use this material, etc. Claiming that Kamassian articles can be written based on having another Finno-Ugric language as one's mother tongue is like saying one can write articles in Hindi because one's mother tongue is English.

I'm concerned that this does not seem to be understood, especially considering that this has already occurred with other languages that non-native speakers have taken upon themselves to "revive". There are already a number of incubator projects that need to be deleted because the community refuses to touch them because of the project's low quality thanks to non-natives with good intentions. There is, as we speak, a massive community-led effort to rid the Scots Wikipedia of the contributions of a non-native outsider who claimed to know the language. It is not mean to say so; it is a reality that needs to be understood.


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Hello, does the kamassian wiki pages have to be deleted? The russian loans are very small in number because 1600+ words are documented. Also even if it cant get accepted, instead of deleting all pages can it be left like the enets wikiincubator, people can see the pages but is rejected. -ValtteriLahti12

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