You may have missed it in the mail I send yesterday, but I want to propose to change the requirements for a new Wikipedia.

My proposal is to ask for the current number of full articles or provide 50 full articles and the complete labelling of a selected set of 250 Wikidata items. 

The rationale is that it takes much less effort to work on Wikidata and it will quickly amount to providing additional results for other items. An example: the property "sex" should be in use on all humans and the qualifiers "male" and "female" should be in use on all of these as well.

Given that we can provide results from Wikidata in a search on Wikipedia and given that we can provide visualisation for humans and organisms already, the arguments in favour of this move at this time are quite strong.

Add to this that through Wikidata we can connect to Commons and we have all the attributes why this could quickly have a big impact for the usability of our projects for a new language.

When it proves that we are in favour of this move, I expect it will require confirmation from the board. It will also mean that WMF has to consider some changes to the official search routines. (I expect this will NOT be a problem).