Hello dear language committee,

As some of you might know, a number of Moroccan Wikimedians are working on developing a new version in the Wikimedia incubator, regarding Darija, also called Moroccan Arabic (language code: ARY). The User Group in Morocco is actively supporting the effort, and many members are involved in it so that the quality is improved, and overall the result is better. You can find the home page at this link  There you can also see that more than 1200 articles were written so far, and a number of new ones is created on a daily basis.

The reason why we are sending this email is that we feel close and ready to launch the project as an own Wikipedia, and we wanted to hear your opinions and feedback, on what eventually needs to be done before that. Do you have any specific comments or ideas that you think we must really think about before making our submission? We would really appreciate your expert-eye and return so that we can improve this project to the best, before making the submission for a full-wikipedia, probably during this year.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind attention, and support, and have a good Friday so far!

Best regards,

Anass - on behalf of Wikimedia Morocco Darija project Team