Of the cases requesting follow-up, I'm aware of the following:

  1. request for closure of be-tarask is to be rejected (i.e. be-tarask should continue).
  2. request for closure of Nahuatl is to be rejected (further steps are still discussed but LangCom seems to have consensus not to close Nahuatl).
  3. Gorontalo wikipedia needs verification; I'm not aware of anyone knowing a language expert to do that.
  4. Lingua Franca Nova wikipedia is controversial indeed; I don't see that LangCom has a consensus on this, so the approval seems to be at least delayed.

Ad 1 and 2, the action of request rejection should be taken after 7 days (unless other LangCom members object, i.e. support and argue for closure of one and/or the other).
Ad 3 and 4, we're open to further suggestions but at this stage, progress has stagnated :(


On 27-Oct-17 20:52, James Heilman wrote:
An editor is requesting follow up.