2018-01-25 2:53 GMT+01:00 Phake Nick <c933103@gmail.com>:

2018年1月25日 03:49 於 "MF-Warburg" <mfwarburg@googlemail.com> 寫道:
> Well, but it's equally true (and written) that "If there is no valid ISO 639 code, you must obtain one. The Wikimedia Foundation does not seek to develop new linguistic entities".

My understanding on the description of "does not seek to develop new linguistic entities" is that WMF does not seek to develop new language and thus it would like confirmation from ISO standard regulation body, instead of the code itself.

The best confirmation is that the regulation body gives them a new code. Everything else is just in limbo and they could change their opinion later. That will be a mess then.

> We do absolutely not want to invent our own codes, because that gets really messy, especially when at some point a language does get a real code.

Why not tentatively use e.g. ISO639-6 code as a working code in incubator or for the project before it could get a 639-1/2/3 code? after it get a code in ISO 639-1/2/3 then it should be possible to move things over. Although all the code change requests have been piled up for years in phabricator but that should hopefully be sorted out one day.

I wouldn't count on that. Temporary solutions always have a tendency to become permanent.