Hello everyone,

Just got a reply regarding Doteli Wikipedia.

Satdeep Gill

Strategy Coordinator, Wikimedia Foundation

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From: Hemant Biwas <hemantbiwas@gmail.com>
Date: 19 March 2017 at 08:19
Subject: Re: Doteli Wikipedia analysis
To: Satdeep Gill <satdeepgill@gmail.com>

Dear all,

Thanks a lot for mail. Really, its my pleasure to know about Dotyali(Doteli) language activities in Wikimedia. Being a native speaker of Dotyali language i am very happy to know we have a separate Doteli Wikipedia soon.
I have seen some random pages on given link. The content written on these pages is on Dotyali language. The content of the articles should be increased to make good article.
My best wishes for Dotyali Wikipedia.

With Best Regards
Hemant Biwas

On Fri, Mar 3, 2017 at 12:31 AM, Satdeep Gill <satdeepgill@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Sir,

I am from the Language Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation. Doteli language community has been working on a Doteli language project on Wikimedia Incubator. We would like you to help us in verifying that the content written by the Doteli community is actually Doteli language.

Consider checking any random pages on the following pages:
Ping me. If you need any help while figuring out which pages to review.

We really appreciate your help and this will give the opportunity to Doteli Community to have a separate Doteli Wikipedia.

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