Due to the LTA of incubatorwiki, October and November of this project cannot be considered as meeting the general criteria. However, I think it is necessary to take into account that this project has been continuously active in the past. If they are active this month and next month, I would like to approve this.


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2021년 10월 19일 (화) 오후 7:37, Sotiale Wiki <sotiale.wm@gmail.com>님이 작성:
Hello, everyone. I hope you are staying safe.

I would like to ask for comments on the approval of Wp/bbc. It has been active since February 2020, and it has been 17 months that 3 or more editors have been active[1]. There are about 799 pages including templates.

Most used core messages have already been translated[2]. The request has already been submitted[3].