1. The proposal to modify LPP has now been on-wiki at Meta for seven days. There has been a modest amount of support, little discussion, and almost no opposition. (The exception to that is from one user who really wants us to overhaul the use of ISO 639-3 as the language standard. Since I explicitly excluded that subject from the discussion, I discount that opposition for this purpose.)
  2. I closed a request to close Tajik Wikibooks as unsuccessful/withdrawn. The main concern here was that there hadn't been much content creation recently—but, of course, inactivity is not a reason to close an otherwise valid project. There is some concern that some content might be either (a) more appropriate for Wikisource, or (b) original short stories or poems that don't really fit Wikibooks's remit. But the community will address that itself, and the OP withdrew the request when some new content was added.
  3. A follow-up on Literary Chinese Wikisource will follow this message directly.

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