I think this needs some discussion. I'm not really excited about it, but I think you could convince me.

2017-02-08 2:13 GMT+01:00 Milos Rancic <millosh@gmail.com>:
Gerard and I were talking today about this issue. Here is the proposal
to be added into the LPP if accepted. Gerard's parts are related to
the traditional LangCom requirements, my parts are about the
organizations. Feel free to fix my English, add whatever you think
it's important for the amendment itself etc. (Asaf, Carlos, you are
encouraged to give your input in relation to the organizational part.)

Note that this proposal assumes that both Wikimedia and non-Wikimedia
organizations would be able to propose a project for fast approval.

* * *

Fast approval assumes that the Language committee would approve
previously eligible first Wikimedia project in particular language
under certain conditions without necessity for the project to pass the
process inside of Incubator (which usually lasts at least six months,
but likely a couple of years).

I'm surprised that your proposal is to restrict it to the first project. Haven't such ideas come up in the past more frequently for Wikisource, when a Wikipedia already existed? (I recall some things proposed by Gerard).

The main condition for fast approval is officially expressed support
by particular organization, which would guarantee that the project
would be viable for the next two years.

Does that mean the organisation should commit to edit the project? And what if it doesn't do what it guaranteed?

Organization has to have the following attributes:
* Officially incorporated organization inside of the country where
significant population of speakers of the target language live.
* Annual and strategic plan.
* Track record of successfully finished projects.
* Commitment to transparent work.

To do that, organization has to do the following:
* Translate 500 most common MediaWiki messages in the target language
to immediately show its commitment. (NOTE: I think that few hours of
translation job is reasonable immediate requirement; we could discuss
about it.)
* Present to the Language committee the proposal for the project. That
could be a program of editathons in particular area, targeting
speakers of one or more languages without any Wikimedia project.
* Give formal guarantee that the Wikimedia-related work with
particular linguistic group will last at least two years.

With these requirements, it doesn't sound too bad.
However, when I think of chapters (or whatever) working together with a community to start a new Wikipedia, I always think of the Minangkabau Wikipedia, which started with some action (editathon maybe, I don't remember) from Wikimedia Indonesia, and which quickly got a highly active community, and was approved in record time (three months in Incubator, I think). Doesn't simply proving that the proposed project is good by achieving such an activity in Incubator sound better than first battling around with Langcom about the plan?