Both parts of your objection go against current written policy, Gerard.

If you want to start rejecting all Wiktionary projects because you don't like it and because Wikidata is better (at least according to you), this must be discussed separately.

And the policy about localization is: "If a Wikimedia project in your language already exists and these messages have already been translated, we ask that you show evidence that localisation is continuing to be improved and maintained at a reasonable pace." There is activity in Shan in translatewiki, so this is not a problem.

As for myself, I checked the activity and the quality of the pages and both look fine. I support the approval of this.

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You may know that I have a history with Wiktionary .. Given that Wikidata is superior in supporting lexical content, I am wary to approve. That and I do care about localisation.

On Tue, 24 Mar 2020 at 07:27, Kimberli Mäkäräinen <> wrote:
Activity is fine. I won't hold the localization level against them, so I think it should be approved. 


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I am satisfied with the activity here, so I would be happy to approve. The only thing which could need some improvement is the localization on Translatewiki, Shan is currently at 57 % translated for MediaWiki core. But I don't want to hold that against them, but just encourage a bit more translation there.

fre. 20. mar. 2020 kl. 20:13 skrev Kyi Phyo Htet <>:

Dear respectful LangCom Members,

The Shan Wiktionary project is active enough[1] and has more than 9500 entries.[2] The Shan community's first Wikipedia Project (Shan Wikipedia) was approved and created on 2018.[3] Please review their second project[4] for the final approval. Thanks.




On behalf of Shan Wiki Community,

Kyi Phyo Htet / User:Ninjastrikers

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