It's pretty clear that there is no support for closing Cebuano Wikipedia. So I will close the discussion as rejected. On the whole, I think this committee sees it as the community's business what it does about bot contributions, although there was some support for asking the community to be more mindful of its quality control.

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See  This has been sitting open since October.

In general, I think this should be rejected. First, it was created by someone who was mostly just creating requests (for both project creations and project closures) for sport. In and of itself, that gives this request poor provenance.

That said, the request did garner support from a number of other editors on Meta. The basic reasoning is that while Cebuano Wikipedia has a very large number of pages (rivaling English Wikipedia), the vast majority of its content was created by bots, and much of that content--not all--ranges from useless to problematic. The community has not worked all that actively to fix things, and if anything they (and the community of the Waray Wikipedia) seem to be competing on who can have more pages. That's really not a good situation.

But comments I've seen suggest the cebwiki community, as well as the PhilWiki Community<>, are starting to get more interested.  So given the general rules of project autonomy, it's probably not our place to step in.  Therefore, I think the request should be rejected.

I do wonder if people think we should make a _suggestion_ to the community that it stop the bots for a while.


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