I concur. I checked all the pages (because that's something you can do when a wiki has only 13 pages), and they were all created in 2007 by a non-native speaker (babel wo-1), except for one page with no Wolof text in sight created by another non-native speaker this year. So I vote to close and move the content to the Incubator.

lør. 12. nov. 2022 kl. 15:30 skrev Sotiale Wiki <sotiale.wm@gmail.com>:
Hi all.

I would like to support this request and propose the closure of the wiki.


It actually has very little content, and little progress has been made since the last closure request. 


As the content is minimal and virtually neglected as in the link above, I am in favor of the closure of this project. I hope other members will also look at this and provide your opinion.

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Jon Harald Søby