This is a bit of a special case, and I want to check what does the committee think.

There is this proposal to move content in the Balinese language from an external MediaWiki site into a Wikimedia site:

On the surface of it, I think that it's a very good proposal. It will probably require a bit of coding to do it properly and address the special needs of this language, and that's why the people behind it are asking for a grant.

*Assuming* it will go through, there's another question: Should it be imported into the Multilingual Wikisource or its own domain?

There is no formal request for a Balinese Wikisource at the moment. I believe, however, that this content should be imported to its own domain and not to the Multilingual Wikisource. In Multilingual Wikisource it will be mixed up with content in other languages, and the special technical needs of Balinese will be harder to address with this mixup.

So, my proposal is that given that the content is already created, the Language committee should treat it as a special case: skip the Multilingual Wikisource stage and fast-track the approval of an independent domain for Balinese.

I raised this question on the proposal's talk page:

Two people related to the proposal replied. The short summary of that discussion is that they don't have particular reasons, but just non-specific concerns about "maintenance".

Does the Language committee have a different opinion?


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