>I do envision that the incubator wiki creation will be a mostly automatic

>process. There is no good reason for it to require any manual intervention
>from Ops engineer, as it happens now. There should be a simple form
>somewhere on one of our other wikis, probably Meta or wikitech.wikimedia.org, 
>where one will have to fill project family (pedia, voyage, etc.),
>language code, autonym, text direction, logo file nameand push a button.
>The interesting question is who should have the permission to fill this
>form and push the button. My immediate thought is "language committee
>members", of course, but other ideas are welcome.

Right now, both members of the global group "New wikis importers" are also LangCom members (MF-Warburg and SPQRobin). But I think in principle anyone in that group, even if not on LangCom, could appropriately do this. (Beyond that, it might depend on just what the criteria are for someone to make a valid request for an incubation subdomain. But that's a discussion for another time.)

>Have I mentioned how much do I appreciate what you do there? It's truly
>wonderful that you are taking care of this backlog.

As they say where you come from ... !